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on the fly to Indonesia's flight, do pillow, pajamas export business Mr. Wang Lu whined, talk to the appreciation of the renminbi from the wage issue, "it is difficult for outsiders to understand the appreciation of the rising costs, an appreciation of three percent points at a few few, can I sell a pillow to earn?" Mr. Wang's team made the best export performance of their company last year. He was physically and mentally exhausted and desperately needed a rest. an unprecedented export surplus; witnessed the ability to build in china. But the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has warned that textiles, as China's first rising industry, are weakening their competitive edge". The same threat is more than just textiles. : internal wage rose no profit when most of the export margins were less than 10%, or even less than 5%, low human cost seemed to be the last place for Chinese companies to stand firm. However, this fragile line of defence is now in jeopardy. once had circulated a rather classic story: a few years ago, a seminar in Guangzhou, the local boss in the assembly plant geographical advantage, mentioned the issue of salary, "here 10 years wages have not risen, 10 years later will not rose." When full of French industry people hear this, envy can be imagined. very small boss's view of estimation. China has benefited from its own low wages and low costs, and it is bound to take risks for this model. : Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expert Cai recently predicted that even in accordance with conservative estimates, by 2009, China will also appear in the labor supply situation. The inflection point for the surplus supply of surplus labour has emerged, and the subtext is that China's labour costs will rise as well. "in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, some technicians annual salary soared to 200 thousand yuan."." A shoe manufacturer boss complained to reporters yesterday. In many parts of the world, the scramble for skilled workers is raging". In fact, an annual export of two hundred million yuan scale export enterprises, nearly 1000 workers wage costs accounted for 35% of the total cost. Since the current low wage base, so even a slight increase of 50 yuan / person, will instantly devour all the profits of this enterprise. )6 18, second Guangdong foreign invested enterprises (domestic) products Expo (hereinafter refe cheap air jordans rred to as "fair") held in Houjie town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, governor Huang Huahua attended and announced the opening of vice governor Wan Qingliang speech at the opening ceremony, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Shangwu attended the opening ceremony of business the Ministry of Commerce Services Division Deputy Director Wang Desheng speech. It is reported that the opening ceremony held 168 pairs of exhibitors, buyers participate in on-site procurement contract activities, signing the total amount of 35 billion 800 million yuan. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce approved the Expo will be permanently settled Houjie Town, and held annually. , governor of Guangdong province Huang Huahua and Hua Cheng group, Zhang Huarong of president of base of world shoe industry is cordial talk, governor Huang Huahua is highly sure of the A SHOES brand alliance foreign fair, export to domestic sales "through train" : Wan Qingliang pointed out that holding the Expo is an innovative move by the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the provincial government to promote the restructuring and upgrading of the economic structure. Last year, Guangdong has successfully held the first foreign fair, and set up a new platform for foreign enterprises to open up the domestic market. He pointed out that the fair can help enterprises to promote the product image, expand domestic sales channels, at the same time by inviting domestic and foreign large-scale procurement group, distributors, professional market, to achieve the rapid expansion of the domestic market, so as to promote the strategic transformation of foreign trade and economic cooperation has an important position and role. provincial and municipal leaders visit the exhibition site to inspect localization of foreign fair, he said the Guangdong provincial government will strive to create truly fair for foreign investment enterprises in Guangdong and domestic circulation enterprises docking of foreign-invested enterprises in Guangdong high quality domestic products trading platform, communication platform, Guangdong foreign investment enterprises to display the product image propaganda platform to make the Expo become important exhibition brand Canton Fair, fair and mutual dislocation, complementary advantages, the Expo to export to the domestic "train", a booster to expand domestic demand and jordan 3 katrina 2018 promote the strategic transformation "". interviews with several mainstream media Dongguan footwear brand alliance to share Expo world headquarters base shoe reproduction industry leading style of the leaders, to join the 27 shoe brand again unveiled the second Expo, xmpie world-class footwear industry cluster of the strength of the industry, to expand the domestic market, outside the fair sharing of tens of billions of domestic feast. June 18th; second outside Bo) yesterday brought the physical details of the HyperDunk 2015 low "Beijing" color, overwhelmed again offer city don't note in another a HyperDunk 2015 "Paris" color of the objects, the overall use of low-key gray and black two color layout, lined with orange and black color mixing presented, followed by dotted words "par" highlights the theme; item 803151-505. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: sneakerfiles the car brand finally began to wake up, finally realized that the dependency of the bicycle is not a car, what is the 4 + 2 times, that you want to hook the eyes of cycling enthusiasts, automobile brand logo is useless must point out Hardlines! Also don't want to take the Xiamen frame second suite was sold tens of thousands of collocation. That's right, serious! We designed the bike! Audi Racing Sport road bike want to get shot, this car is the world's fifty. Frame heavy 790g, than 5 iPhone 6 plus lighter, and vehicle weight is only 5.8kg, therefore using the irreparable full carbon fiber ultra light wheel group, although the UCI competition provisions of bicycle weight shall not be less than 6.8kg, but Audi recently seems to have sponsored professional team equipment plan. Although vehicle with 12 million yuan (well actually I know you won't be able to buy), but if I were you desperate also get a seat, the seat of the Audi R8 with seats in the same leather, ha ha, think this is really a little excited ~BMW limited edition bike M-BikeThe two is a little better, the global limited edition of 500 sets of tuhao gold. If you ride it from rushing down off the mountain, is estimated to be some people thought is king of the golde cheap jordans n horn, down ~ fortunately, however, the BMW said although this limited bicycle has ultra light body, but does not mean that lack of firmness, body itself is strong at the same time also represents the M series cars ultra lightweight and rugged nature of both traits. Although the headstock inlay "BMW M bike limited edition" nameplate was ok, but this stuff and not a talisman, down the mountain to look at the road. Jaguar crossover design DOGMA K8-S road bike Pinarello Jaguar used in the vibration analysis of the leading technology, the sky team to create a revolutionary pinarello dogma K8-S bicycle, frame is equipped with the world's first custom light suspension system (DSS 1.0 and dogma suspension system and flexible flat carbon of the rear lower fork. This technology innovation bring the perfect comfortable riding experience, especially in the rugged road riding comfort is enhanced by 50%. Shortly before the break bicycle 1 hour cycling record of the Bradley & middot; Sir Wiggins also performance advantages of dogma K8-S chanted the appreciation. Mazda kodo bike Japan made the world famous for their bicycles, but when it comes to their bicycles, they can only say that there are! A! Of! The car first of all, on behalf of the Japanese aesthetic, dominated by Mazda chief stylist Ikuo Maed Mazda next-generation styling design vocabulary "kodo soul", not only the use in Automotive Styling. 〉In the design of the Nike Zoom Kobe V, Kobe Bryant requires designers to represent the diversity of his personal qualities in ZKV's color. In the "Kobe personality" color, including the [Joker, Nike, Zoom, V], the, [Bruce, Lee, Nike, Zoom, Kobe, V], the, DaVinci, Nike, Zoom, Kobe, V, the, Dark,, Knight, Nike, Kobe, Zoom, Kobe, V. The Dark Knight Dark Knight Movie inspired by the poster, black and blue metal uppers with black Swoosh white stroke, followed by gray and transparent gray bottom and small red dot. SUPRA 2012 spring shoes listed enthusiasm combines the comfort of sports shoes with the noble sense of formal shoes, and builds two brands, SUPRA, which pioneered the light shoe WRAP in spring and summer. WRAP in a single color with sliding shoes wear shoes, the shoe with the color of logo can also be seen SUPRA delicate. Simple and lightweight styling is absolutely the only thing you can't miss in the spring and summer. SUPRA spring 2012 SUPRA 2012 spring and summer sandals slippers listed enthusiasm e Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nthusiasm listed SUPRA 2012 spring shoes listed enthusiasmhave you ever been so embarrassed: when a Sneakerhead fluent with you don't understand the terminology to introduce you to a pair of shoes, you only embarrassed but polite smile? I want to become a qualified Sneakerhead not so difficult! let Xiaobian take you to! you Quai 54The game Quai54 held in Paris France Street is the world's top basketball feast, The of each contest will have streets around the world show for all players his superhuman skills and superb athletic state. Nike and Jordan Brand support Quai54 let the game streetball to another peak, therefore, to create Quai54 shoes streetball tournament will play Quai54 suffix. held in Paris Quai54 street race is the world's top basketball feast, each competition will have the world of Street players for everyone to show his superhuman skills and superb athletic state. Nike and Jordan Brand support to Quai54 on the streetball match another peak, therefore, to create a Quai54 streetball match shoes will play Quai54 suffix. Adidas Originals Yeezy said there may be a lot of people will not understand shook his head, but as long as the "coconut" two word is a layman even can immediately think of those wearing in Kanye (Kanye West) at the foot of the shoes on both sides of the Changjiang River hongbian. speaking of "coconut" would have to mention the recent "engage in a lot of things" Adidas Yeezy V2 "Zebra Boost 350", due to frequent Kanye on foot it created a high popularity, but also because of the body of the shoe on the iconic image of the zebra texture is called "zebra"! Stan Smith and Superstar Adidas Originals belong to the two pairs of classic fashion white shoes, in the long years of erosion is still shining. The wisdom of Sneakerhead according to the shoes on the impressive part, were given two pairs of shoes "green tail" and "gold standard" so aptly call. compared to Kobe's car Audi TT The Kobe I as the inspiration to create, since the birth of the controversial The Kobe II source of inspiration is more like a concept car, very avant-garde appearance also let this pair of shoes are a "bread shoes" of the title, this title can be said the whole is extremely fit shoes 〉 ??????chrome hearts nail 3 moves to workout your Latissimus dorsi tone the muscles to get rid of bra bulge or back fat chrome hearts beast Peach Bourbon Smash The perfect cocktails foamposites for cheap recipe for over ripe peaches lynseylovesfood hearts nail 3 moves to workout your Latissimus&nb" /〉 online jewellery store Peach Whiskey Sour 3 Parts Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey antique style engagement ring Skinny Jalapeno Popper Meatballs So good you can 39 t stop poppin 39 39 em Simple and delicious chrome hearts nail 3 moves to workout your Latissimus dorsi tone the muscles to get rid of bra bulge or back fat ?? 5cm brand introduction5cm is a brand of Hongkong small under I.T. Neutral clothing 5cm products with simple, casual. 5cm is a Japanese style. 5cm basic tailoring such as tone and various processing effect T-shirt, shirt, jacket, coat with a find everything fresh and new, the simple combination can also highlight the personal taste. 5cm hue most are cool colors: black, white, grey, olive green. Materials are mainly cotton, so the clothes very comfortable in the body, feeling more like T-shirts, clothes washing water.5cm quarterly design concept to set up a new banner, whether men and women can find their own love products. 5cm series of the Unisex style, the concept creation theme of prayer for peace, modern city and Sao music.5cm Japanese celebrity is Teppei Koike. Hongkong spokesman Sam Lee.The first 5cm store opened in 04 years, now 5cm shop has increased, all over Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou major shopping.?? 5cm brand archivesChinese Name: 5cmEnglish Name: 5cmArea: HongkongCreate age: 1998Owner: I.TStyle: neutral windProduct series: Women Men handbags shoes leather scarves and neckties jewelry glasses sports seriesyesterday to send to the horse Zodiac shoes first look after a series of styles complete shoes photos are today exposed, almost every year the debut of the Nike Air Force 1 was changed to a new member of the family of Lunar Force 1 launched a special version of the horse zodiac, making shoes in black and white leather, three color mixing fabric shoes, shoes side Nike Swoosh Logo and the outer bottom with a translucent design representative jade, black Lunarlon in the bottom Splash Effect eye-catching, details of the design is in place; and the image of Xiaozhuan body "Ma" printed on the tongue and heel design combined with horse hair flying and elegant pattern, and finally "the moment" of the metal shoe buckle, wish you everything goes well in the coming year, i. This Nike Lunar Force 1 "Year of the Horse" will be on sale next January 9th, and like friends, be sure to pay attention to the follow-up reports of the operators. source: HYPEBEASTA whole new chapter of Timberland founder Nathan Schwartz from 1973 Timberland production boots for decades, Timberland has become the brand index across the generations, the classic 6 inch boots and all kinds of professional outdoor boots are very popular, even into the street culture and become one of the indispensable elements of dance, hip-hop culture. And return to nature, these boots are to work boots based design, focusing on the protection of it is often very hard and heavy, for the fans, Timberland classic boots contour to join the new SensorFlex this year? Elastic induction comfort system, build lightweight flexible and more suitable for leisure activities for the Killington series of shoes. Timberland Killington Chukka Taiwan, priced at 5900 yuanThe Timberland SensorFlex elastic comfort system allows the soles to be more flexible, with excellent flexibility and support protection. works with famous dancers to develop SensorFlex new technology tWitch is one of the world's most famous hip-hop dancer, he in the "dance Lin hegemony" (So You Think You Can Dance) at least five appearances in the season, the Alan show every week "(Ellen) standing behind DJ Taiwan, but also appeared in the film" dance Mike: scale limit of XXL "(Magic Mike XXL). He was often seen wearing Timberland Boots - and not just during the break. He danced in Timberland boots, though not necessarily comfortable. features a large number of foot movements for dancers, with uppers that feature improved abrasion resistance and durability and Virgil Gadson is a very down-to-earth person, but his feet rarely tread obediently on the floor. Born in Philadelphia, he started his dance career early and was good at modern, jazz and tap dancing styles. He watch their favorite dancing stars from TV, finally joined them, become "dance Lin hegemony" and "the twelfth quarter MTV Taiwan American hip-hop battle" ("America s Best Dance Crew) finalists. Timberland strong, thick, sturdy boots; they were born to bear all kinds of torture and bring the wearer exposed to wind and rain, whether it is mining or sheepskin lining stiffness to toe protective effect and design, these boots are work boots. But the dancers dance again and again. lightweight soft elastic SensorFlex technology is more suitable for a variety of intense dance movements "I've always been a Timberland fan.". 〉 Adidas Originals brings new collaboration between Metro Attitude and rapper Big Sean this year. With both sides of the background, combined with Hawaii flower and snake design, in Metro Attitude show like colorful scenery, in addition, in the shoes, the body is to dark suede to form a contrast of beauty. The rest of the details are contained inside of the tongue lion pattern and insole from First Chain song words' My dreams stopped being dreams when I turned 'em into goals', with gold elements are present in this pair of shoes. 2002, Nike for the first time SB (Skateboard) is transplanted into Dunk, then a whirlwind created belongs to the SB era, until today the shoes are still fascinating. This year, when it comes to SB Dunk 15th anniversary, Nike brings the memories back to Reese, Nike, Dunk, Low, PRO, WHEAT, Denim, SB. 's Nike SB Dunk Low PRO "WHEAT" using the same color, let us remember the 2002 "Forbes", the classic camel so many SB fans eagerly look forward to, it is not my first sensation. Interestingly, look will find "WHEAT" is actually "Forbes" shoe block color "anti" over the depth of exchange, no wonder the seemingly familiar, but fresh. Nike SB Dunk Low PRO WHEAT is scheduled for landing in May 25th at and designated dealership at $100, and there will be further news from you in the future. source: Nike popular culture information website Highsnobiety and Adidas Consortium to launch Ultra Boost and Campus 80s (station reports) Taiwan is scheduled for the weekend (4/9) listed in the JUICE Taipei, the mining lottery sale, intends to start with a friend today to complete the investment required to sign action, you have please survey shoe to pay more attention to detail please refer to the product pricing method and the message in the Facebook announcement, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. JUICE-Taipei source: HighsnobietyNike has launched a "What The" series of shoes has been quite polarized reaction, initially by Nike SB was first launched in recent years to see the brand in the field of basketball three giants (KOBE, LEBRON, KD) of the shoes have cited this as a design inspiration, but with this seemingly messy disorder strong style colors make people love and hate. Abroad recently for the first time exposure of the KD 8 'What The' version, once again challenge the aesthetic view of everyone, to different combinations with various color elements interception algebraic style, this seems to be different between the material collocation by presentation, while the use of weaving techniques of stitching, do not know whether it will take the leisure based collocation orientation? source: US11 there is a saying on the field of superb skills, can produce the atmosphere or even influence on the pitch as a player for the phenomenon of "state level players", the title of the season in Stephen Curry who must not have too many people oppose, the latest Curry 2 also captures the magnificent natural beauty of the northern lights as the latest version of the color inspiration, gradually layer and fantastic colors, compared with any one color there are very colorful, and the meaning of the Curry play as Aurora like viewers wonder and dazzle the eyes. , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-1under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-1 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-2under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-2 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-4under, armour-curry, 2-northern, Lights-4 , under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-3under, armour-curry, 2-northern, lights-3 as the official information about the concept of 'You can' t: look at the Northern Lights and not be amazed, just like Stephen s game. "which means" enjoy Curry games such as Aurora, do not praise the reason that if I heard last season will feel in God, but this season Curry is really like helps you, regardless of whether or not he or Golden State Warriors fans, they have created a name enough to stay NBA in the season! Under Armour Curry 2 'Northern Lights' Taiwan is expected to sell at 12/17, priced at NT$5280The launch of in 1992, Puma Disc Blaze is the world's first dual configuration is different from the traditional shoes laces, shoe lacing structure, as long as gently rotate Disc turntable can easily incorporate shoelaces, not only provide the wearer excellent fit and give your feet a fairly standard comfort. The launch of Puma presented by R698 XT2, Disc, Blaze three's classic shoes Crackle Pack in this year, its inspiration comes from the tennis players in the game and on the sidelines due to wear traces left in the bottom so named in the heel burst pattern is one of the main details in this section most of the shoes are deep red wine to create a noble texture, most people now extremely popular street style casual appearance interpretation. source: EU KICKS