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Dr. shoes three strategies to teach you how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-03-12 15:33:27 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: the library name shoes] Print & nbsp; Close [Chinese shoes Network - Nike shoes and life] swept the world as one brand sports shoes, Nike shoes are imitation is very rampant, because the next line of Nike shoes are generally less discount entity store, expensive, different Local discount the intensity is different, the procurement of goods is different, so many consumers prefer to buy online. I encountered a problem, how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes. That exactly how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes do, a lot of Nike foundries, there are China's Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, although the origin is not the same, but the quality is almost all the same; but different price Nike shoes , quality may vary greatly. Here to teach you the recipe for how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes, like Nike shoes want to help fans. The first way: one to one ratio of The most scientific way is to carry out a shoe than a comparison, seeing is believing. will buy Nike shoes and Nike with Num styles (same style, same color) is one of the comparison, such as non-discriminatory, it must be genuine. If there are still nuances may further comparison, because this may be because the nuances of different origin (different plants) and normal differences between different batches of the year, may be the same number, but it may slightly when the material reproduction o Cheap jordans online f the following year adjustment; If you still have doubts, you can make the brand the company confirmed. In the case could not find the same style, the same paragraph with Nike compare different color. The key is to look at the sole difference, if the sole, the basic can be judged as genuine. Because of the difficulty the sole development of the largest, often accounting for more than one-third of the total cost of the shoes, fakes to do the same with the genuine quality, the cost is too high. Note that if you are through the Internet to view the official website of the picture and style than fashion, it is possible because when shooting light and other factors material color. The second way: counter-validation The net purchase of Nike shoes, Nike counters to get the lower line shops were true and false identification, there are three issues, namely, not purchased from the store, the clerk has no obligation to help the non-customer authenticity; the second is often clerk Online shopping has greater resentment, if not an acquaintance, usually deal with the matter; the third is now the store's clerk mobility, a lot of new professional staff and not enough in itself, but Nike launched thousands each year, a shop purchases and sales of Nike styles very limited, the clerk did not understand some of a commodity is also normal. Seen in this light, the inspection counter may not be 100% reliable. If you really want to Nike store or counter inspection, it is recommended: First, he found the same style than serious, I believe their vision; the second is that if you want to ask, do not say it is online shopping, do not disclose the pr Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ice, to avoid staff motivation frustrated. Third, ask true and false judgment basis, and then judge for themselves accuracy. The third way: the identification submitted by the retailer Nike In general, the company will not be accepted genuine brand identification to apply for individual consumers, the relevant state authorities can not be verified. If you are a brand of shoes purchased online, in the case of the above-mentioned identification methods are still unable to determine, you can contact customer service staff, well after the shoes unique mark express mail, the merchant determines that the shoes by after sales, through official and Nike communicate directly, according to the formal process of official identification. Tip: Currently the most widely circulated on the network designer shoes authenticity identification method, identification method is standard shoes. In fact, shoes standard differential alone is not strict. First, the subject of imitation shoes cost extremely low, when large-scale production of less than 1 cents; secondly, the same brand, even if the style is authentic, because different origin, different plants, different batches, there may be subtle differences in the underlying shoes ; Third, some of the letters and lines to the differences between the level of hasty, different styles, different plants and different production periods, often adjust shoes standard size based on the shoes, leading to subtle changes in character pitch. Therefore, we in the identification of the authenticity of the online shopping designer shoes, not simply by virtue of shoes standard to judge. Everyone understood cheap jordans that the gap between true and false larger shoes, many shoes lovers or "experts" got some identification, "tricks", but Nike, Adidas and other brands and production processes are dynamic changes, there is no universal magic. Internet often can see all kinds of brands of shoes to identify the authenticity of the article, as users of personal opinion, it is recommended when viewing, refer to the above method to identify, not directly as the final criterion. (Media Partner: True Australian Kangaroo Leather & nbsp; m Nick Mount Hee shoes) Related newsAsics color design team recently in creating a spring for a new color for the GEL-Lyte V shoes and eventually bring the this new "poppy red" color design: the white leather as the main colors, the body of the shoe bold the large red poppy, coupled with grey, black and purple bring visual impact. Vamp also intimate design a lot of holes, a good choice is spring and summer running. Iconic gel in the bottom in ultra performance of high Huanzhen, still followed by adding the ink dot design, details of the Department can be described as very fashion. at present, V Poppy "Red GEL-Lyte" can be purchased through the Tiger Asics designated retailers such as BAIT, like friends do not miss!Nike Dunk High "Superhero" series of new color exposure, the shoe body with a black suede build, decorate with red lining, big bottom, Nike peripheral contour and the shoe body of triangle mesh structure, color contrast is very clear, in addition there are like tongue Nike standard design drawings of the comet, symbolizing the planet from outer space super heroes. The source: Foot Locker undoubtedly, ZX F jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black lux series brings more surprises than we expected, will classic shoes money in a new way of interpretation, out of the new line. And ZX Flux Tech according to ZX Flux lays down the foundation to carry on the partial revision, causes the shoes to be more popular with the life orientation. The prior shoe type is changed to be more slender, and the leather material is added to the shoelace hole and the heel heel under the net cloth shoes surface, so that the fashion sense is increased. The currently released version of the black and gray is expected to be listed on the US time 9/1. source: SneakernewsNike Air Foamposite One XX 'Dark Neon Blue' Taiwan dealer channel will be on sale in February 4th, priced at 7900 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement of 〉 Baoxiang sports source: Nike past Nike HyperShift in combat on the performance of a good evaluation, and this year in this series and other combat Nike shoes also took the name of Hyper Nike Zoom, renamed Shift, design inherited the past low integrated internal shoe style pursuit sensitivity, with net cloth shoes material surface and on the need to strengthen the supporting parts in order to increase the stability of TPU films, and the previous generation is different is to increase the support of the design and strengthening stability in the heel, the sponge is thick and collar in shoes, jordan shoes online sale ankle better coated, air cushion configuration is a continuation of Zoom Air is set to palm forefoot cushioning effect, the outer bottom lines Nike Zoom Shift in the arrow shaped particles mainly with geometric lines to create division, grasping directional stability. Nike Zoom Shift is currently on sale in Taiwan two color, priced at 3200 yuan. source: NikeVolkswago (Fuchs) and rectangular type "Hippie Bus" early Hippie models look quite lovable, then both many riders will present unique personal / body painted graffiti; the United States footwear division Swaves guests through friends asked around using this Fuchs car concept into more playful peace / creation element, flowers rainbow... Etc nature map, the transformation of a double Nike Dunk Hi to them, thinking of using completely retro, shoes friends can use? Swaves? Website links to get him, but the price is not open like no access to information at... (hateful) in order to meet the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament held in Adidas, 6/12 launched national team special shoes, including Adidas, adizero, F50, Predator, Lethal, Zones, Nitrocharge, 11Pro. In addition, fans from various countries can also make their own national shoes through miadidas. Among them, the national team matches Spain, Germany, Columbia, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Chennai and Leah. source: CounterkicksJordan Brand recently held in the fourth quarter of this year the new preview will display the Jordan Brand, the new season of the series of shoes, apparel and accessories and other products, by the well-known shoes website Sneaker News to share our first look at the preview scene photos. basketball shoes can be seen Jordan Brand's new flagship Air Jordan XX9 shoes and clothing series, in addition to the two's signing of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin star next season's new Jordan CP.3 VIII, Jordan boots Super.Fly 3. jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-2jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-2 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-15jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-15 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-16jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-16 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-17jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-17 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-3jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-3 11 the end of the month the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Retro black also display them, the engraved will faithfully reproduced reflective air holes have details of the original Air, Jordan 13 Retro and Air Jordan Future also launched a new color. jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-9jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-9 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-13jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-13 jordan-brand-holiday-2014-preview-8jordan-brand-holiday〉 recently noticed that KENLU GO players must have noticed that Jamal Crawford wore a new brand of shoes and now announced that it was signing a contract with BRANDBLACK. In addition to the brand's first signing player, it has also become a global ambassador in charge of promoting branded products. BRANDBLACK is the design and manufacture of innovative shoes to emphasize the performance, but also reflects the strong LA culture, as an innovative and unique player in the league, Lob City's sixth man Jamal Crawford will also be bound for the brand brings bright future career. Jamal Crawford himself says joining BRANDBLACK is a great opportunity because he can give him the opportunity to strengthen his style on the pitch and develop his own sportswear. Crawford also signed a multi year contract with BRANDBLACK and will sell its products in JCrossover for personal endorsements in the future. if you have the chance to try, do you expect BRANDBLACK's shoes? BRANDBLACK related shoes products BRANDBLACK created by the founder of David Raysse, and as a new brand of shoes should be taking total BRANDBLACK offers from basketball to jogging or even biased lifestyle popular life orientation shoes are five different style features: Black Hawk (Blackhawk), Toronto (Raptor / Low), (Phantom), mirage the Falcon (Falcon) and jet (Jet), these products will provide a variety of choices, like high to low top shoes, color variety and so on, BRANDBLACK will be available to you for selection. source: Nicekicks 1, & 2Engraved classic Nike Air Max 1 OG 2013 spring shoes exposure 2013-12-08 22:22:46 Nike Air Max 1 is on the history of the most classic Nike running shoes, the advent of so-called 1987 Air Max 87. Nike Air Max 1 Nike Air Max series originator, its classic extent doubt. The exposure of the & nbsp; Nike Air Max 1 OG using the 1987 most classic red and white color design, so the trend of 1987 show again. It expected to be available in 2013.Butler jumper lore the Pacers, magic eight double win over the nets, Batum 19 + 12 + 12 captured 76 people, Westbrook 24 negative themselves they harden 27 points, piston, rocket paratelum reversal, Curitiba had 26 points to beat the Wizards warriors. Stephen Curry: Under Armour Curry Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: Nike Zoom LeBron Kyrie Irving: Nike George: Nike HyperLive James Harden: Adidas Crazylight Klay Thompson: Anta Jimmy Butler: Jordan Derrick Rose: Adidas D Aaron Gordon: Nike ZoomOlympic sports codes: 5.66 0.06 & nbsp; 1.07% 2010-09-10 16:14:43 Zuoshou: 5.60 & nbsp; & nbsp; now open: 5.61 & nbsp; & nbsp; Transactions: 31982 highest: 5.68 & nbsp; & nbsp; lowest: 5.52 & nbsp; & nbsp; median: 5.62 Circulation: 2,098,000,000 & nbsp; & nbsp; Market Cap: 11874000000 & nbsp; & nbsp; change Hand: 0.00% September 10 Olympic sports stock market trendNew balance to fulfill their commitments, to celebrate the Boston Marathon, this week will release a small part of a limited edition of 3D printing shoes. The result of the use of such advanced technology is that this pair of shoes has a beautiful and expensive price - $400. Overwhelmed, new balance running shoes "Zante generate" the system of 3D technology running shoes production base, this revolutionary sole is fresh foam series based on research and development, R & D process also made reference to the human in the running of plantar pressure feedback, and then by a 3D system built with DuraForm flex TPU material production and, also equipped with a laser powder sintering technology to create the outer bottom, make whole shoe is full of a sense of the future. it is reported that this shoe will be on April 15th (this Friday) at 9 am in the morning at Balance New online store and located in Boston, Easton Street store officially on sale, only 44 pairs, priced at $400. Do you want to experience the most cutting-edge running shoes fans do not miss.