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There is no feeling of deja vu? You're right?? This pair of new Jordan Formula 23 inherited from the Air classic design Jordan 10 and a shoe body with light deconstruction design make fashion illustration for the classic, vamp uses lightweight breathable mesh lining engineering crafted by chloroprene rubber made comfortable, supplemented by artificial leather mudguard and lacing system provide support for locking and shoe body, in the end by the injection of Phylon to create a comfortable cushioning experience. jordan-formula-23-1.jpg (210.91 KB, download number: 4) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:38 upload jordan-formula-23-2.jpg (203.05 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:38 upload jordan-formula-23.jpg (183.23 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:40 upload jordan-formula-23-3.jpg (144.71 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:38 upload jordan-formula-23-6.jpg (125.95 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:39 upload jordan-formula-23-5.jpg (137.68 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Formula 23 officially released 2017-1-31 13:38 upload jordan-formula-23-4.jpg (138.11 KB, download number: 3) download 0 sandals, refers to the grass as raw materials, and the hand woven shoes. Because of the wide sources of raw materials in the rural straw, easy collection, ca Retro jordans for sale n be processed without weaving and weaving tools is simple, easy to learn, with the series with everyone can wear, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. In all kinds of shoes, only sandals is the cheapest and most popular, it is no exaggeration to say that the Chinese people are wearing sandals have gone through thousands of years; the Red Army is China, wearing sandals walked twenty-five thousand Li Long March, and achieved the victory of the revolution. Although modern people no longer wear shoes, sandals also only can be seen in the history museum collections and collectors, however the sandals of the long history and brilliant, will be remembered; formed by the sandals of splendid culture, will never be the same as other footwear has become an important carrier of culture industry development. straw origin can be traced back to thousands of years ago. From the ancient period of human evolution to hide barefoot foot from skin wrapped evolution to leather shoes, straw sandals and other footwear, which lasted for thousands of years. There is no doubt that all kinds of animal skin and promote the development of all kinds of leather shoes, plant material and promote the development of natural fabric shoes, sandals shoes, and only grass plants without further processing or simple processing can be woven sandals, but also easier to produce and development, the origin should be more long sandals. There is a section of this text in Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Jean said: Emperor Chen said this cheap air jordans online , before making the shoes, now also sandals." Visible 4000 years ago or earlier five emperors era had sandals. Also said sandals originated from Xia Dynasty to the spring and Autumn period, the varieties and styles of coarse and fine system, for the preparation of fine coarse sandals, sandals for nobility, to wear. In short, the origin of the earlier than other shoe sandals, is no doubt that the. sandals title, due to historical periods and different dynasties, because of the regional customs and different categories of grass, grass, awn shoe, Ju, Paramecium Ge Lv, Pu shoes, straw sandals, brown shoes, not by other major. in the Zhou Dynasty, has been "Ma for shoes, leather shoes, Yue Fei, wooden bottom" records, also have "sandals". Thus, this era is wearing sandals or shoes Ma and records. PU shoes, also known as "PU shoe", is woven with rushes. From the stems and leaves of cattail typha. Typha latifolia is a perennial herb, grows on the beach, long narrow leaves, programmable, mats, mats also Pushan etc.. Po shoes legend created for the emperor era, for the ladies. According to Tang Wangrui "sunburn? Sub record" records, used to wear shoes with leather production, "since the first emperor two years, Sui Po for. From the beginning of the second, the first to the other. The first year of the Western Jin Yongjia, beginning with the Yellow grass. The imperial concubine in the Imperial Palace all follows." This)2010, Nike Foamposite One Air launched the "Eggplant" color has caused quite a sti cheap foamposites r, but after a lapse of seven years, the color will return again, and engraved objects also flows in the network, the vamp is still the main tone of black and purple, calm and somewhat mysterious, collocation of translucent rubber outsole. It is reported that this Nike Air Foamposite One "Eggplant" will be officially returned in 2017 July. NIKE SB has been creating products that subvert the market for the past 15 years, and every unit of cooperation is full of and full of surprises. this cooperation unit is full of "unexpected", he himself is to subvert the entire industry. DAVID CHANG, a seemingly ordinary name is New York star, not only sell Hand-Pulled Noodle mow bag, TV, magazines, more to create a new generation of Michelin star restaurant chefs DAVID CHANG is Korean american. In 2004, when he was 27 years old in New York opened MOMOFUKU NOODLE BAR, is selling Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle (MOMOFUKU is the Japanese Fu Tao meaning, is also the name of an inventor of instant noodles, Bai Fu Teng) a dismal business. In close before started selling bun and published in the Journal of science and technology "WIRED" UNIFIED THEORY OF DELICIOUSNESS (taste standard theory) the "paper" MOMOFUKU rage, plus TV show "THE MIND OF A CHEF" and "LUCKY PEACH" magazine founded by the chef made him into a star and entrepreneurs in New York city. DAVID CHANG the most important success factors in addition to bun and media exposure, he is to subvert their own spirit, MOMOKUKU NOODLE BAR after the success, he is in no hur Cheap foamposites for sale ry to open stores, but to open a "?" (a Korean burrito) MOMOFUKU Ss? M BAR, after the sweet taste that restaurant and takeaway is unexpected. even more unexpected is that this time he worked with NIKE SB to launch NIKE SB DUNK HIGH PRO "MOMOFUKU"". Do use MOMOFUKU shoes material signs Black Denim apron, embroidered on behalf of MOMOFUKU LUCKY PEACH (Fu Tao) trademark, the shoe cylinder is also embroidered on 163 and 207 represents the two flagship restaurant "DAVID's FUKU" and "Ss m Bar?". this represents gourmet, skateboard, shoes, culture and subversion of the spirit of the NIKE SB DUNK HIGH PRO, "MOMOFUKU" will be NIKE SB to 2017 GO SKATEBOARDING DAY tribute. Beginning in 2003, each year in June 21st, world skateboarding day "GO SKATEBOARDING DAY", to promote understanding and heritage skateboarding culture. Of course, "HAVE, FUN, GO, SKATEBOARDING" is the same tenet for many years. It's also the first day of summer vacation for American students, so they enjoy skateboarding on their first day off. This is also the original intention of choosing skateboarding day, and hope that skateboarding will be more widely popularized and supportedAir Jordan 12 big year, naturally there will be a big wave of new colors struck. the upper part is made of extremely textured black, while the sole and lining match the charm of purple, which means feminine. Or girls exclusive Oh, ~ AIR JORDAN 12 GS "KINGS" color: Black / Purple / gold number: 510815-018 release date: June 4th offer price: $140 Yuan Sh Cheap foamposites for sale anshan warmed up at the "one run, wake up" event sina sports China Shanghai (January 14, 2016), the world's leading sports brand PUMA, carrying its most energetic running shoes, IGNITE, Ultimate, unveiled in Shanghai century park. At the same time, three days of "one run, wake up" test run activities are also a grand opening, in the cold winter, detonated city night running heat. When night falls, running up to the people while wearing colorful dancing IGNITE Ultimate, run the awakening hidden in the tired body in a night life fully and delightfully. In addition to the runner, today's "one run on wake up" also attracted a new vest line "goddess" Yuan Shanshan love back, she led a professional equipment running up to the people to ignite the passion of sport in the starry night. followed the coach for a run to wake up and warm up , as the premier sports brand, PUMA has been committed to promoting positive sportsmanship in the public. The theme of "running and waking up" was also born under such an idea. "Waking up in a run" represents a free, wonderful and exciting night run experience. People in the city have been busy all day long, and their bodies and souls are in deep sleep. PUMA aims to encourage urban people to throw away the ordinary and surpass the peak as the ultimate goal, and use the power of running to wake themselves up and release their desire for faster. "one run on wake up" test run through the mechanism design of PUMA alone is interesting. When running up to the people over the starting line on the occasion, a group of PUMA who also chenzheyese opportunistic out. Their avatars, the speed group, broke through the finish in 35 minutes, 45 minutes and 55 minutes. The PUMA bold innovation, the racing chase elements into the night run, a change in the pace of the former leader of the mechanism - PUMA night owl, every catch the last runner will shake the bell ring beside him to remind acceleration. This new rule can not only help people understand their own running speed, but also when they put aside incentive tired of emotions and feelings of extreme pleasure night running speed. Yuan Shanshan leads PUMA, "one run, wake up," "test run" activities "goddess" Yuan Shanshan arrived at the end of the excited address. "I have always had the habit of exercise, not only in order to practice a vest line, exercise can let me always in the best condition. I ran very easily today, and the PUMA night owl surprised me and urged me to run even further. The fast pace of the work will nourish the sleepy sluggish mood, while the night running is very suitable for modern life style, a run up!" in today's test run, to provide professional and considerate service PUMA for the runners, specially invited professional coach with the leader after the warm-up and stretching exercises, the correct guidance of runners how to restore muscle state in high intensity exercise, avoid unnecessary injuries. song and Zhou Zhiping the first to break the PUMA "a run on the 5K end point line up" this 〉NIKE will be held next summer, the launch of the new Toki shoes, shoes with soft leather uppers collocation of vulcanization bottom side Swoosh with perforation, outline, overall physiognomy and leisure shoes will be advanced, 2 color release, please look forward to. 2012-4-5 08:22 upload and download the attachment (268.1 KB) Air Jordan; the upcoming Easter, 1 Phat GS launched a special edition to celebrate this holiday, this shoe to the gray wolf net surface material and suede material as raw material, and adopts the Swoosh toe and heel purple wings, lining, ankle and water blue and soles, reminiscent of the classic Jordan AJ 5 "grape" and "aqua" feeling to AJ8. The new product is expected to be on sale for $80 on Easter Eve, and don't miss a favorite friend.this series brought 3 different color, will be officially on sale in May 21st, priced at $$150. There is no prominent sports atmosphere, but more fashionable, I am afraid many friends will choose such a new pair of shoes!Earlier spy photos exposed for everyone this double Nike LeBron 12 EXT "Red Paisley" once again exposed the new physical map, with black and red color rendering overall uppers, suede material make shoes filled with luxurious atmosphere, while gold The details of the modification and Paisley lines decorated, elegant let nature show. Slightly Unfortunately, there is still no information leaked to the shoes on sale, like a friend may wish to continue to focus our follow-up reports friends. With Valentine's Day approaching, the major brands have played the emotional card. Nike SB recently introduced for this romantic holiday a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low "Valentine's Day", overwhelmed by the choice of litchi designer leather uppers with suede combine to create, to express a red festive atmosphere, while raw rubber color large the end of the presentation, for the shoe to create a street atmosphere. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale recently, and interested friends may wish to continue to look at it. Nike Kobe 10 "All Star" physical tushang 2015-02-10 11:37:08 & nbsp; we who we reported earlier this year Nike boots all-star series, including a pair of Nike Kobe 10 "All Star", today we bring you this kind tushang shoe, this shoe Inspired by the 1964 New York World's Fair giant globe, vamp in black in color, but with a silver logo, the design uses a gradient at the bottom, so futuristic shoes. It is reported that this shoe will be available February 13, priced at $ 200, like friends do not miss. & nbsp; & nbsp; 's very good at matching the classic elements of Nike has once again brought us a new masterpiece, a pair of fusion of Nike Huarache and Air Carnivore and Free outsole constructed it is about to debut! First exposed the full white color, so the trend of shoes full of flavor, and the simplicity of the exterior design, I believe will make many sneaker crazy! It is reported that subsection white item number 801759-110, follow-up will have the black version of the sale, expected in the summer shelves, like a friend to look at it.